Bishop Darryl D Grimes

Bishop Darryl D. Grimes is the Senior Pastor and Founder of World Harvest Kingdom Church *World Harvest School of Ministry* World Harvest Kingdom Alliance of Churches.

  He was born in Gary, Indiana. He is the youngest boy of seven siblings. His mother Willa Jean Grimes and Raymond Grimes are saved believers of the faith and they continue to support their son in his endeavors to preach the Gospel of Grace, faith in Jesus Christ and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  

He is the husband of Rosalind Grimes in which they were wedded in 1989 and was blessed with four beautiful children, Cuyler, Cameron, Kamay and Caleb.  The family testifies often as permitted that Pastor Grimes is a Man of like passions, with strengths and weaknesses like anyone, yet how you see him in the pulpit; is how the Holy Spirit empowers him to live at home. 

Dr. Grimes divinely heard the message of the Kingdom at the age of 17, and was saved and baptized in the name of Jesus Christ to the Glory of God the Father ~God the Son ~ God the Holy Spirit. At that time he began to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. In 1989 he received a license from Union Bethel Baptist Church ~ Senior Pastor Dr. John E. Guns. In 1999 the Spirit called Dr. Grimes and the family to establish World Harvest Kingdom Church. Today, Dr, Grimes is a pastor, teacher, administrator and motivational speaker. He holds an apostolic anointing given to him by impartation through the laying of hands by his spiritual father the late Bishop Val Melendez of Soul Saving Station in Ahoskie NC.    

Dr. Darryl D. Grimes greatest testimony is that he was born with a severe speech impediment which stifled his early learning pursuits, education was not his strong area of concentration. But after receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost he has gained an extensive background in education to the glory of God. And in his Kairos season (God’s Time) he obtained several Degrees:

 BA in Psychology from Norfolk State University 

Honorary Doctorate of Divinity from United Christian College 

Master of Education from Cambridge College 

Master's of Divinity from Norfolk Theological Seminary and College

Dr. Grimes is working to obtain a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling along with his wife Lady Rosalind Grimes.  Dr. Grimes places an emphasis on the Kingdom of God and believes that the whole Bible, along with the message of Jesus Christ, revolved around the King of King’s and Lord of Lord’s. The citizen of that Kingdom called the bride of Christ which constitutes the church, each having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and not a religion. He has said, “My vision, is wrapped up in one statement: I AM anointed to transform followers into disciples’ of Jesus Christ through the power of the preached Word of God. 

Empowerment, Achievement, and Reward!