Executive Pastor Rosalind Grimes

Rosalind King Grimes was born in Chesapeake, Virginia. She attended the  Chesapeake Public School System and then graduated from Western Branch High School. After graduating from High School she went on to further her education at Norfolk State University receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and in Nutrition. Her quest for knowledge continued to grow by receiving a Master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College.

Lady Grimes is not only an educator and counselor to those who have an ear to hear the word of God, but she has also worked as a teacher and administrator with the Portsmouth School System.
Lady Grimes love for God is enormous. God has given her the gift to speak truth, love and God’s word in the lives many individuals. She is the Elect Lady of World Harvest Kingdom Church of Newport News, VA.

She has a heart for the youth and it is her desire to help guide them on a path that will ultimately produce positive outcomes.

She wedded Bishop Darryl D. Grimes on May 25, 1989. As a result of their union they were blessed with three children. One daughter, Cuyler and two sons Cameron and Caleb. May 25, 2017 Elect Lady was blessed with her one and only grandchild, Zoe. She has expanded her heart and home through fostering and adopting children who have faced challenges in their life. Having given her life to Christ at a young age, Elect Lady Grimes continues to teach and speak the un-compromised word of God.